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The goal is to shoot the basketball through your opponent’s hoop. You get 2 points from scoring within the 3-point line, and 3 points from shooting outside it. Netball is similar in the fact that it has two opposing teams trying to shoot a ball through the opponent’s hoop.

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A netball ring is 3.05 metres above the ground. By comparison, a basketball court is 15 metres by 28 metres—this means you can have a playing surface for both sports in one. Plus, the standard height of a basketball ring is 3.04 metres above the ground, that’s just 10mm difference.

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Basketball vs Netball. • Basketball is contact sports. • Netball is non-contact sports. • Men predominantly play basketball while women mostly play netball. • Both are played by using balls and shooting the ball into a hoop to gain points. • Dribbling is part of basketball while dribbling is not allowed in netball.

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Basketball has a backboard for the ball to bounce off. Netball hoops just have a hoop no backboard. You have to be very acurate. Also in netball the diameter of the rings is 3 inches smaller. Wiki...

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The rim itself is made of a 5/8” | 1.6 cm steel diameter steel rod that is formed into a ring with an inner diameter of 18” | 45.72 cm. Basketball nets are hung from the bottom of the rim with lengths between 15”-18” | 38.1-45.7 cm. Basketball rims are mounted 10’ | 3.05 m from the court floor. Basketball rims, or hoops, are orange painted goals attached to the backboard and used for scoring points in a game of basketball.

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Netball has so much more off-the-ball movement, there’s more action. I’ve watched a lot of live basketball, and I love it but it doesn’t liven up to me until the last quarter.